Watch your step!

As cooler temperatures sweep through the Upstate, people are falling victim, literally, to icy patches on sidewalks and roads. While you would like to stay 100% injury-free, you still have to go on with your daily routine. So we’ve thrown together a list of what to expect when wintery weather comes your way!

Be Prepared
Watch your local news broadcast to know when winter weather is expected. That way, you can have advanced warning of what’s to come. After that, winterize your home! If you have any cement walkways or surfaces that may become slick if icy, spread potassium-based melting granules over these surfaces. Unlike plain salt (or sodium-based melters), potassium-based melters will not damage cement surfaces, vegetation, or indoor surfaces if tracked inside. In addition, winterize your car! Add a few extra minutes to your morning routine in case your vehicle windows are covered with frost or winter precipitation. Invest in an ice scraper, which can be found for under $5 in most retail stores. Or, you could plan ahead and put an old towel or sheet over your windows to prevent any precipitation from sticking. Above all, DO NOT pour warm water on your windows to melt frost, ice, or snow. The two extreme temperatures may cause your windows or windshield to crack! Whatever you do, please do not try to drive your vehicle if your line of vision is blocked by winter precipitation. Not only is it dangerous, but it is considered illegal to drive with an obstructed view.

Walk Like a Pro
If you absolutely have to walk on surfaces that may be slick, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Walk with slow, small strides and try not to be hurried. Wear boots or shoes with treads; avoid shoes with smooth surfaces. If at all possible, try not to carry heavy loads that will cause you to be thrown off balance.

Fall with Grace
Should you find yourself in a slippery situation, knowing how to fall can reduce the risk of injury. When falling on ice, your natural reaction is to catch yourself with your hands. WRONG! That would be the best way to inflict injury to your wrists. Instead, fall forward and to the side, keeping your hands close to you. Try bending your knees as well, which may lessen the fall or prevent it altogether.

We hope these few helpful tips will keep you safe in wintery conditions in the New Year. If you do have an accident, call one of our offices so that we can get you back on your feet again!

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