Pain and problems that are persistent in the upper body can create major complications in our day-to-day activities.  Joint pains in our shoulders and elbows can create a large hindrance on our days.  Whether it's struggling to get through work or being unable to do daily household chores, no one likes to live their daily lives through pain.  At Elite Integrated Therapy Centers, we want to tackle those issues and work with you on getting your body on the road to recovery.  We have tailored physical therapy services to help with any one of your pains.  We are proud to create personal physical therapy plans that focus on you and your needs.  Depending on your diagnosis and stage in the process, we can find the right path for your recovery.

We offer our physical therapy services for anyone in Spartanburg, SC; Anderson, SC; Greenville, SC; and the surrounding areas.  At Elite Integrated Therapy Centers, we look forward to getting our patients back to being themselves, recovering the right way.  It is our goal to provide a personable, comfortable experience with our patients.  Whether you are with us at Elite for a short time or receiving therapy for the long-term, we strive to give you a trusting, professional relationship that will make the experience and therapy efforts positive in all aspects.  Give us a call today to schedule your initial physical therapy session and get started on the right plan for you.