Personal Training

Personal Training takes an individual approach towards the client’s fitness goals and is based on their health/fitness assessment. These are 1 hour training sessions one on one with a personal trainer.  Personal training is great for individuals who are looking for:


Post-Rehabilitation Training

  • Individuals who have finished physical therapy, or insurance stopped coving physical therapy, and they are not where they want/need to be.


General Fitness

  • Great for individuals who want a personalized approach to fitness 
  • Individuals who want to work toward a specific goal including: 
    • Weight loss  
    • Increased strength 
    • Increased muscle tone  
    • Increase muscle endurance 
    • Increase overall health (weight management, blood pressure, cholesterol) 


Sports Performance

  • An individualized approach to increase strength, power, and speed/agility 
  • Personalized injury prevention incorporated into training sessions 
  • Sport and position specific