New Year, Best You

New Year, Best

It’s 2019! With the new year comes new motivation to set and crush your resolutions. One of the most popular resolutions year after year is to get in shape. But did you know almost 80% of people give up on their resolutions by the second week in February? Luckily, Elite’s Wellness Coordinators are here with tools to help keep you on track all throughout 2019!


The best way to make sure you don’t get lost in the frenzy
of the new year is to set realistic goals. Setting smaller goals along your way
will help you stay motivated and prevent you from getting burnt out. When
setting these goals remember to stay “SMART”!

Your goal should be well-defined and easy to understand.

  • Instead of: “I will be healthy in the New Year”
  • Try: “I will lose weight in the New Year”

Here, you go from a vague and all-encompassing goal to one
that focuses on a specific aspect of being healthy.

Continuing with our example of losing weight, that is still not enough. We must be able to measure and track progress. To
make your goals measurable, try assigning numbers to make sure you can track
your progress!

  • Instead of: “I will be more active in the New
  • Try: “I will jog 3 days a week for 30 minutes

You must have a realistic target goal in mind. It’s great to know how much
weight you want to lose overall, but keep in mind that healthy weight loss
usually means losing between 1-2 lbs. per week. So be careful here! It’s great
to be ambitious, but don’t get extreme. On the other hand, don’t make the goal
so easily attainable that you’re not challenging yourself!

  • Instead of: “I will lose 25 lbs. this month”
  • Try: “I will lose 5 lbs. this month”

Align your goals with where you are in life. Make sure you are setting goals
that are important to you. For example, don’t set a goal to cut out fast food
if you don’t eat it regularly. However, recognizing and eliminating an
unhealthy habit, such as drinking multiple caffeinated beverages in a day, is
more relevant to your daily life.

  • Instead of: “I will cut out fast food”
  • Try: “I will cut out Diet Coke”

Set a deadline. Having a known end-point can help motivate you to get started.

  • Instead of: “I will lose 20 lbs.”
  • Try: “I will lose 20 lbs. by my birthday”

Now that we understand how to properly set goals, let’s talk
about how to successfully plan for exercise.

Planning for Exercise

In the fitness and wellness world, when talking about exercise
program we refer to FITTE.

If you are just starting out or refocusing, then it is important to determine
how often you plan to exercise. Buy a calendar solely for your workout schedule
and stick to it! Nothing is more satisfying then checking off a completed

Check your goals and decide how hard you need to work. If you are just starting
out, don’t overdo it. You’ll be able to build intensity over time. If you are
already on a regimen, then maybe it’s time to switch it up and challenge
yourself with a higher intensity.

How much time each day are you willing to dedicate to exercise? Again, for
beginners you should start slow and build tolerance. Knowing your limits and
respecting them will help prevent you from burning out and throwing in the
towel on your resolution.

Now it’s time to determine what types of exercise you would like to partake in.
There is no shortage of types to choose from: weightlifting, bodyweight
training, walking, swimming, running, dancing, etc.! Remember to vary your
exercises to avoid overuse injuries and keep yourself interested in your fitness

Enjoyable: Most
importantly, we come to enjoyable. Make sure to choose exercises that you like.
If you enjoy your workout, then you are more likely to stick to the new plan!

Now that you have these goal setting tools in your toolbox
you’re on your way to having a great new year and being the best version of
yourself! Don’t be afraid to ask for help – we’re here for you! You can always
stop by one of our offices and chat with one of our Wellness Coordinators about
how to further your goals.

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