in Anderson, SC?

Located on the Piedmont Plateau, Anderson is the smallest of the three primary cities that make up South Carolina’s Upstate region. Known as the Friendliest City in South Carolina, we take pride in our small-town charm and elegance. Anderson’s history of innovation allowed it to become one of the first cities in the Southeastern United States to receive electricity, and that innovation has translated into a thriving business and manufacturing economy today.

If you live and work in Anderson, chances are that you are involved in the manufacturing or business market. These are busy careers that can wreak havoc on your body in different ways; if you experience chronic pain as a result of your job’s physical demands, visiting a licensed physical therapist can help you. Whether you need to improve your mobility, recover from an injury, or manage muscle pain, a physical therapist can help get you on the road to recovery.


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Elite Integrated Therapy Centers, LLC is committed to the well-being of our patients in the Anderson, SC area and beyond. We provide a comprehensive set of fun, challenging therapies that will be specifically tailored to your body and your needs. Our therapies can be used to address a variety of conditions, including injuries or chronic neck and back pain. In addition to our physical therapy services, we offer occupational therapy, fitness and weight loss strategies, and more. We are committed to whole body health, healing, and wellness.

Don’t resign yourself to coping with chronic symptoms for any longer than you need to. Reach out to our professionals in the Anderson area today to learn more about our therapy services!